Forum for participatory democracy

About this conference

This conference is fifth in a series of such conferences held during the previous years jointly by ActionAid Nepal and Institute for Governance and Development (IGD). The conference has been creating a platform for deliberations on emerging critical issues of democracy, social justice and democratization in Nepal. The annual conferences on participatory democracy is drawing an enthusiastic participation of perspective builders, scholars , advocates and practitioners of participatory democracy in consecutive years from within and abroad where experiences, perspectives and practices were shared, cross-fertilized and even contested. The present national conference has been designed to deliberate on the critical issues related to Democratic Governance in the light of the imperatives of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nepal

The annual conference on participatory democracy being organized on Dec 15-16, 2016 basically focusses on the issues bearing upon the democratic governance with special reference to challenges of attaining the sustainable development goals in Nepal.

The proposed conference is indeed a step forward towards promoting and strengthening participatory democracy discourse in Nepal. The evolution of a platform "Forum for Participatory Democracy" at national level is grounded to the sub national discourses held from time to time in the Eastern and Western regions of Nepal.

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