Institute for Governance and Development (IGD) was established in 2000 (Regd. No. 413/057/58) as an independent civil society organization. It is committed to enhancing the capacity of both the citizens and public sphere institutions to engage together to build a just and democratic society through appropriate institutional and procedural choices and behaviors. It strives for achievement of equity, justice, inclusion and transformation with a preponderant focus on citizen participation and empowerment with a view to contribute towards deepening democracy, strengthening participatory governance and progressive realization of justice for peace and positive transformation of the society. IGD recognizes to the value of knowledge resources, conscientization and critical awareness of the citizens to construct and consolidate their positions in defining and restructuring relationships with state and non-state actors. It challenges injustices, discrimination and exclusion -the major stumbling blocks to a democratic and just society. It empowers weak actors to become rights claiming and duty discharging citizens. It adopts multi dimensional approach in constructing knowledge, empowering citizens and communities and pursuing democratization of the state and society through discursive dialogue, positive actions and engagement. Putting the active citizenry at the centre, IGD promotes active participation of the poor and the marginalized through plural sources of civic power. It promotes inclusive notion of holistic and shared citizenship. It also promotes civic competence and leadership using the existing civic and democratic spaces and widening them further for transformative results. IGD advocates for more widened institutional space to foster an agenda of inclusive and shared values of citizenship, participatory democracy and decentralized local governance. IGD proactively engages with stakeholders including academia, political parties and their leaders, civil society organizations, government agencies and private sector in its effort to provide a platform for dialogical collaboration and discursive practices in enhancing participatory democracy and inclusive governance where citizens matter.


A capable and effectively governed CSO committed to strengthening democratic governance and responsible well being of the citizen.


  • To work towards promotion of institutions, processes and capabilities that strengthen participatory governance and democracy.
  • To promote policies for participatory democratic governance and work together with stakeholders for peace, democratization and justice.
  • To build competence of citizen stakeholders to realize their economic, social and cultural rights for their sustainable well being.


IGD upholds the values and norms mentioned as follows:

  • Committed to upholding transparency, accountability and integrity
  • Committed to enhancing democratic tolerance and non-discrimination
  • Committed to promoting and appreciating diversity and innovation
  • Committed to promoting team work and collective spirit
  • Committed to maintain fairness and integrity through open communication and trust